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    Workflow Ideas for Certificates?


      I'm sure this would be really easy to find if I knew what it was called.


      We have a local competition, and I have to make certificates for all the winners in all the categories. I have 88 categories, 3 winners in each category, and a handful of ties. Thankfully there are only two variations for certificates, First Place and Top Ten. Unfortunately, there's no excel document.

      I have a template from last year with a master page for each type of certificate, which I copy-pasted every (EVERY) category title and winner into and saved out as seperate PDFs. If I have to do that again, I think I'll cry.



      What I'd like to do is create two types of box in each master page and automatically flow a list of categories into one and winners into another automatically creating new pages as they're needed. Like flowing all the text from a book into InDesign and having it make new pages as needed. I can't imagine this isn't possible. What's it called when you flow overset text into a new box on a new page? This is the problem with being self-taught. -.-;


      Thanks in advance! -Talaya