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    Active X Web Browser

      I Have two problems of activeX Web Browser.
      Im using this script to launch the visualization file in the window of activeX:
      sprite(11).navigate(the moviepath&NomeMacchina&pre&"\"&Nomeriga)
      The first problem is that the visualization is in icon, I would like to have in Details or Title.
      The second problem is if click right button in the file of the activeX Web Browser window appears the message of internet explorer who says:
      The execution of command system with element is dangerous. Continue?
      Sorry for my english and thanks
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          SafariTECH Level 1
          You would be best to go with an actual embedded browser control. What you seem to be doing is using the actual browser activeX from the OS itself and with all the new security features in the newer OS's (especially Vista) you will end up with issues.

          There is one browser control that is x-platform and works very well (xtras.jp is the website I think) and if you do nothing but Windows projects, there are a prolifera of others available.

          they are not free, but a good browser control is something that you can use over and over again in a lot of projects.

          Aside from that, it would seem you are getting a normal prompt by MSIE. It is telling the user that allowing the local file to run dynamic controls as a security precaution under default security settings.