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    Strategies for using swcs in my game




      I built a game for iOS using Flash Professional CS6. The game essentially is a series of puzzles. Initially, each puzzle was a swf and would be loaded in. There are 70 puzzles. Unfortunately, the iOS packager would crash upon compiling to an Ad Hoc version. I haven't been able to understand why so I have moved on to a different solution: swcs


      It's been a while since I've worked with a swc but this is what I'm thinking:


      1) Convert every puzzle into a MovieClip.

      2) Export each puzzle as a swc

      3) Link each swc to the main game fla

      4) Programmatically instantiate each MovieClip as needed.

      5) Export to Ad Hoc (I guess not really relevant to this conversation)


      Does this sound right to you?


      Thanks in advance,