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    Flash Player 11.7 and newer CRASHES IE 9 and Firefox on Windows 7


      If you've read the title, you know where I'm at.  Flash crashes as soon as any page with Flash content is visited.  A popular suggestion is to disable Hardware Acceleration, but I cannot do that as the player never loads far enough to let me to do that.


      Here's what I've tried so far:


      - Uninstalled flash using the Uninstaller tool, verified that both Plugin and ActiveX versions of Flash were gone.  Then did a re-install.

      - Cleared Flash cache data (from the Control Panel applet)

      - Cleared browser caches from both browsers

      - Disabled Protected Mode in both system32 and sysWOW64 locations using the mms.cfg file


      What HAS worked:


      - Downgrading the Plugin version (Firefox) to version 10.3.

      NOTE:  I cannot install the ActiveX (IE) version to 10.3, as installer quits when it finds that there's a newer version available for download!  Additionally, I cannot find a repository for previous versions of Adobe Flash Player ANYWHERE anymore.  Adobe's Website, OldApps.com and FileHippo.com...  none of them offer previous version of Flash anymore.  It was a miracle I was able to find the 10.3 installers.  Apparently, it's the latest version or nothing.  This does my client precisely zero good.


      Unfortunately, this is a client's computer that I'm doing remote support with, so I don't have constant access to it.


      Please help!