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    Submit a Form with Specific Filename

    mlstechwriter71 Level 1



      I don't really do any Javascripting, so I could really use some help.


      First - and most importantly:

      I have a Acrobat Pro X PDF form with a Submit a Form button that is being routed to a specific email address.

      The originates in Sharepoint, and is generating a long pdf filename filled with "%" characters.

      Is there a way to specify the name generated for the PDF?


      I'd be thrilled if I can get the above scenario working...

      But I know the next question will then be...


      Is there anyway to attach a field from the form to that PDF file name?

      Like so:



      Again - I'm not a javascript person, otherwise I'd know if any of this was possible.

      And yes, I'd love some recommendations on books / resources for scripting with Javascript.


      Thank you to anyone that can help shed some light on this.