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    Unable to install Flash Builder Premium: a beta version exists on this computer

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      I'm a user of Flex since version 2 and i'm still currently using it everyday. Some days ago I uninstall Flash Builder Premium 4.7 because i did a mess installing some external packages so I dedided to uninstall it and install everything from scratch.


      The problem is that installing using Creating Cloud on my iMac, I always receive the same error: "a beta version exists on this computer".


      I have already used the "Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool" and I removed the "Adobe Flash Builder" having the same icon as the other applications installed by Creative Cloud and now I have another "Adobe Flash Builder" with a slightly different icon but I'm scared to use it because waiting to repair Flash Builder 4.7 I'm using Flash Builder 4.6 and I cannot think I cannot work because Flash Builder is not working (I use it every day !).

      I removed Flash Builder 4.7 using the uninstaller, so the uninstalled didn't completed its job.

      On the machine I have currently installed Flex Builder 3, Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, Adobe Gaming SDK 1.0 (no uninstaller for it !), Adobe Flash C++ Compiler (no uninstaller for it too!).


      So, the question is, where I can find the log file containing the reason of the error message ? I have already checked the followimg folders:


           \Library\Logs\Adobe\Installer: I cleaned the folder and the error happens before a file is created in this folder

           \Users\<my account>\Library\Logs: it seems that the error isn't logged here


      Please help me, I need to use Flash Builder 4.7 for a presentation I have to do next Wednsday (almost 2 years of working !!!)


      Thank you


      Diego Novati