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    Audition CC Effect Favorites Not Completely Working


      Noticed on some effects, such as Mastering under the Special set of effects, if you create a favorite and then try to apply that effect from the favorites menu, you get an error that looks like this:


      Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.23.50 PM.png


      You can apply the effect by going through the menu system and selecting the saved preset in the actual Mastering plug in, but you cannot apply it with one click through the favorites panel.


      I also noticed that some effects are fine, but mastering and the multi-band compressors have the issue where they won't work from the favorites menu.


      Any thoughts?

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          I can reproduce this as well.  Creating a Favorite from the Effects panel preset for these effects causes this behavior, but recording the application of the effect as a Favorite works as expected.  I've sent this over to an engineer to investigate. 



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            billysurfmartin Level 1

            When i assign a shortcut to a favorite I get an error message when I attempt to apply that shortcut to file.  the shortcutis the compressor (adobes- not a plug in).  AND it works fine when I apply it by using the effects menu.  Its only when I use the favorites shortcut that I created that I have a problem.  The "Billy Compression" could not be applied beacuse effects used in this Favorite is diabled.  Make sure to enable VST effects by going to Effects > Audio Plug In manager (which I go to but there's ntohing listed).