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    adobe creative cloud cc install has messed up my Flash Builder 4.6 serialization

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      I have been a flash builder user for several years now. I have had FB 4.6 installed on my computer as a free upgrade from FB 4.5, which came with my copy of creative suite 5.5, which I purchased in 2011.


      FB 4.6 has been working fine - even when I moved to adobe creative cloud last May (2012).


      However, now that I have installed the new creative cloud (CC) applications (and uninstalled the creative cloud cs6 apps) - I am having problems with Flash Builder 4.6. I open it and get a message that my 'trial period' is up. Again, I own FB from my purchase of CS 5.5 - not to metion that it was included in creative cloud. I know that I can download FB 4.7 from creative cloud, but it doesn;t have the design view. So I want FB 4.6. I have seen some solutions to similar problems on the web that recommend reinstalling as a trial and then inputting the serial number once it launches. But I have FB 4.5 on my CS 5.5 installation disc - not FB 4.6 - and I'm not even sure how I could get FB 4.6 anymore. Not to mention that uninstalling - reinstalling 4.5 - and then upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6 - even if possible - would be a huge hassle.


      Can someone please help me to get my FB 4.6 working again? To reiterate - everything was fine until I installed Creative Cloud CC apps and uninstalled Creative Cloud CS6 apps