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    After Effects CS6/CC - Track beam/line to 3D camera tracking point

    Spense Robert

      I am trying to create an effect where a line is connected to both text and a object within my shot. I would like the beam to grow/shrink as the object in my shot moves in relationship to where my text.


      Here is a is an example of what I mean (starting at about 00:40): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H-Oodf20UM


      I have used the 3D camera tracker to create various tracking points throughout the shot, but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to attach the line (generated through the beam effect) to any of these points. I tried creating a null object and then pick whip the position of the beam to the position of the null, but this does not work. It seems that within the 3D camera tracker keyframes are not generated that can be viewed under the null's position settings.


      Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!