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    Adobe Premiere Pro - Crashing with OpenCL Hardware Acceleration on Export


      Hey everybody,


      One of the major reasons I decided to buckle down and pay for PPCC was the OpenCL Hardware acceleration with AMD cards. I run two AMD Radeon 7870s in Crossfire right now, and I immediately noticed a huge difference in performance when editing. When it came time to export my video, though, Premiere Pro would crash after rendering around 2% of the full video. I've tried both with and without Crossfire activated but using OpenCL with Hardware acceleration crashed my export no matter what. As soon as I turned it back to regular Mercury Playback (software only), the project rendered just fine.


      I currently have the lastest AMD drivers and have had no other issues with my card, and I also gave PPCC the latest update as well. Any idea why this might be happening? I wouldn't be surprised if I need to wait for a latest AMD driver in order to get things to work with the brand new CC apps, but I figured I'd farm my question out here just in case. I'm running on Windows 8 64 bit.