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    CS6 AVCHD spanned media bug - My work around method

    wfmc staffer Level 2

      I've done some testing with some spanned AVCHD footage in Premiere CS6 today and confirmed the our Cannon Vixia HF M50 is affected by the issue (AVCHD footage from long spanned media clips freezing and stuttering in the timeline).  After confirming the issue I tried a basic work around, and it seemed to work pretty well. The idea is to manually link spanned clips within a premiere sequence and use that as a virtual clip.


      So here's my steps:


      1) On your Media drive of your computer, create a new Video folder, and manually move or copy the .MTS files from the STREAM folder of your AVCHD footage files to the new Video folder.


      2) In your Premiere Project, use the Import function to bring the .MTS files in. In organizing, your may find it helpful to put all of the pieces of a spanned clip in a single bin. It is easy to recognize the beginning and end pieces of a spanned clip by looking at the durations. The last piece will have a shorter duration than the others.


      3) Select all of the files that make up an individual spanned clip, or a bin that contains all the pieces of a spanned clip, then drop them onto the new item button.


      4) Use the sequence that you just created as a nested clip. It should behave like proper spanned media. You will have to use the Sequence>Render Audio function when adding the nested clip to a sequence.


      In my test this worked fine, and it is much less time consuming the transcoding to an intermediate codec.