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    Images in document are not consistently showing as highlighted in Links panel in InDesign CC

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am working with some very long documents with tons and tons of images. Often I need to view the name of the image in the links panel but after a while of working in the document, the images no longer show as being highlighted in the links panel. If I close the document and reopen, then once again things will work correctly and if I click on an image, it will be highlighted in the links panel...but then a moment later it stops working again. This is so frustrating:( It's obviously a bug. Is anyone else experiencing this?


      And a quick question regarding this....is there way to search for an item in the links panel if I DO know the file name of the image, without having to scroll through hundreds of images (that also seem to be out of order - not listed alphabetically)


      Thank you in advance