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    3 arrows making the letter G


      This must be a dumb question but i can't get it done.


      I want to make the letter G with 3 arrows. Later give it 3d effect


      I somehow can't get it done with the pen tool. I know many of you would make this in a few seconds. How would you go about doing it ??.


      I have tried making 3 arrows but they all look weird.


      Thanks in advance for your guidance

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve, but are you using the Grid to help with your placement?  Or you can draw an arrow as an Object from the Shapes drop down, and use the Direct selection tool to edit the shape.  Does that make sense?  If you could upload a picture it might help, even if you draw it free hand on a scrap of paper and scan it.

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            ggameon Level 1

            thanks, logologo.jpgSorry for the late reply.


            Anyway this is what i came up with.

            What i did was to simply write a G and using the pen tool draw the path i want to delete......delete it from the layer.


            I feel that it still kinda sucks and would like to know how someone who understands this process better how he/ she would go about making a logo like this.


            I'm sure there are more than one ways to do this and what i did is not the right way. It is not a vector anymore.......



            I could draw a path around this shape but i will get 2 points where the curve is not perfect because i have to use 2 ankerponts for every arrow and the Curve will be less than perfect.

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              Doug.S Level 3

              2 methods, both best to use Illustrator:


              - Use type tool to make a letter G, convert to outline, cut into pieces in arrow shapes


              - Put letter G on one layer. On new layer above, draw with pen tool following G shape except to make into 3 parts as needed.


              Save as a vector output with fill and stroke as needed.

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                Hey, that's OK.   Do you know you can convert Type into a Shape from the Type menu?  If you made two copies of the G Type layer, and went Menu > Convert to Shape.  The with the Path selection tool (the black arrow) draw a box around the unwanted points and delete them.  You obviously know you can use the Direct selection tool to manipulate individual points on the path.


                Even if you end up with a raster logo, it would have a very clean outline, and you could convert it back into a Shape from the Paths panel. But you shouldn't need to rasterize.