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    URGENT : Old macromedia CD

      I have an old CD created using Macromedia Director Version 6 in 1998 which launches under Projectr.skl version 6.0r153. I used to be able to playback on Windows 98 but after that, it It will not play on XP.

      I urgently need to be able to replay this and need advise on what I can do to upgrade the file so that it can play on any new and current system.

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          You can try playing it in compatibility mode - right click the exe and
          go to properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and check "Run this
          program in compatibility mode for". Choose whichever OS you want... try
          them all and hope it works in one of them.

          If that does not work, you'd need to contact the manufacturer and see if
          they have a newer version that was made for modern OSes.

          If you have access to the .dir source material, then you may be able to
          get it into a newer version of Director and publish it.