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    color picker


      how does one retrieve the default color picker in PSE 10?

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          Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

          Do you mean you changed to the windows color picker or some other one and you want the adobe picker back? Just go to the editor preferences>general and choose the one you want.


          Do you mean you want to reset the color squares? Press the D key.


          If not either of those, what do you want to do?

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            Thank you for your response.

            I  didnt change to the Windows picker. I always had preferences set to Adobe. I played with preferences>general and that didnt help.

            In the past, whenever i brought up the color picker, I got the one shown here (I am inserting a photo below Hope it opens up here).

            Notice that in the vertical column, the top color is red and bottom is orange with spectrum colors in between. Now somehow, I get a different column with all florescent or pastel colors. I just want to get that picker back.


            When you referred to color squares...were you referring to the panel of swatches? If so...that is not a problem. In fact, thats what I am using now until I can hopefully get the default(?) picker back.

            color picker.jpg


            Thank you.

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              Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

              Oh, that's easy. Notice how the H radio button is clicked on the photo of the one you want? Just click that again. All those buttons change how the color is displayed in the picker.


              Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.08.17 AM.png

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                That worked!!!!  Thank you very much!

                I do appreciate your help.  

                I guess I had just accidentally hit the wrong button recently.

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                  Hi Barbara,


                  I just received this thread as an email.

                  Thank you for helping me out with that issue.



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                    Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

                    I just received this thread as an email.

                    Hmm, that's odd. Did you sign up for notification on another thread?