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    need help in recreating the xbox one controller

    ProDesigneHd Level 1

      Hey guys,
      Recently, with the release of the next gen consoles, I decided as a challenge to myself to try to recreate the Xbox One controller in photoshop


      Here is what i have done until now.

      Here is the exact image I am trying to recreate.http://www.justpushstart.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/xbox-one-controller1.jpg


      Now the thing that I don't know how to do correctly are two things:
      The first being how to make the bumps around the two joysticks
      And second, the general lighting on the controller.


      So if any of you has an idea please suggest it to me


      And if you would like to help me even more, please tell me what you think I did good and what I did wrong


      Also, ignore the 2 buttons in the middle and the gray part where the logo sits (not finished work)



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Open your image to use as a template, and make much bigger.


          Make the outline of the large lower section and fill with black.

          Select the first outline, and stroke the centre with a thick white stoke on a new layer

          Gaussian blur the white stroke layer

          Ctrl click the black outline, to load it as a selection, select the white stroke layer, and add a laywer mask

          Now do the same with a smaller black stroke.

          Lots of soft masking to shape the white highlights.


          Select all the above layers and make into a Smart object, and Free transform it to make it smaller.

          Move it to the bottom of the layer stack, and Offset it to fit the top part of your template.


          The little round buttons are easypeasy, and can be done with layer styles


          The big round control top left needs some thinking about because it has ecentric components, and I think I'd be doing a lot of shading manually with dodge and burn, but you could do some of it the same way as above for shading the main body.


          Will that get you started?  Things you'll find are that you'll need a much denser white stroke than you expect, because it will all but disapear when you blur it.  If the shading ends up too thin, duplicate the layer to reinforce it.


          If you use layer styles on some of the other shapes, and need to control the shading, Right click the bevel emboss layer in the layer effects, and chose 'Create layers', This will produce individual layers you can edit with layer masks, (editing the main layer will cause the effects to follow the mask.


          Ask if you need anything clairfied.   This sort of job is absolutely my favourite use of Photoshop.

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            ProDesigneHd Level 1

            Thanks a lot for the information provided although, I didn't understand your first paragraph.


            Here is the psd

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Do you mean the bit about the template?  If so, I was guessing that you used an existing small image of the controller as a guide to copy from, so I was suggesting you load that image into photoshop, and make it bigger with Free Transform.  Then use the Pen Tool to draw round the outline.  Having it as a Vector shape will make it scalable without pixelization.  But I see you have created the image you are showing us, so will have already gone through that stage.  My post decribed how to make it completely from scratch.


              I often have to include sponsor's logos with my artwork, and unless I can find a decent sized version of that logo online, I nearly always find it quicker to create from scratch using the method above.  Otherwise you have to wait for the client to go to the sponsor who will have to track down the artwork from a person who wants to know what you are going to do with it.