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    Cache Choices in AE?

    Netcommercial Level 1

      I am trying to maximise performance on my computer. I am unsure of these drive paths? I understand Scratch Drive it is the other two below it that I am not sure of. They point to my O.S Drive should those Point to a Scratch drive instead?

      Thanks for any clarity on this.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can point those properties to any folder you like. I've set mine to a raid array that's very fast on the desktop machine but on my laptop they are set to the boot drive because it's the only drive that's always with my laptop.


          A faster drive will give you better performance. That's about all there is to know about those settings.

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            Netcommercial Level 1

            So beacuse I use my "G" Drive as my Scratch and Storage of Working Project Folders, I should prob leave those pointed at my "C" drive? (both C & D are SSD'S BTW)


            OR should I start keeping my Working Project Folders in my "S" drive (Which is an HDD 7200rpm) Then Point those database and Cache to my "G" drive?

            Thanks for helping out


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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              As Rick says, what matters most is that your disk cache is on the fastest drive you have.


              The second principle is to not read from and write to the same drive simultaneously (e.g., having your source footage on the same drive that you're writing output files to).


              See this page for resources about making After Effects work faster: http://adobe.ly/eV2zE7

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                Netcommercial Level 1

                Thank you for the comment and source page Todd. I went over there and Yes there are many links. I watched a couple of them. Was there a particular link that goes over my question as far as pointing to the correct Drives? https://www.video2brain.com/en/videos-5353.htm  1 minute in states that he is using his set up as I have it..NO? (see below for work flow please)


                As you both stated Disk Cache is on the fastest drive you have. Both my C and G drive are SSD's sdd_perf_06232013.PNG


                See screen shot in my OP the Enable Cache is on my G drive yet the drives in question also have a cache which is pointing at my C drive. I am unclear on the process of my software. If my software is on my C drive isn't it writing on that drive?  It is kinda of confusing.

                My system is a:

                WIN7Pro pk1


                Intel 3770k



                2 SSD's 256 PLextor Pro's SATA-6

                1 Hdd 3tb drive SATA-3


                As of now I have all Software programs on one SSD my "C" Drive

                I park working files (sources) on my other SSD, my "G" drive. I figured read and write, switch over was nominal (2ms) and then when done with file I park it on my HDD for storage.


                My question(s) are: My work flow, using the "G" drive as my file sources / storage and as a Scratch drive...Is that a bottle neck? Having my sources on the same SSD where I am asking to Scratch Render?


                Should I switch my workflow and park my assets onto the HDD "S" drive (7200rpm*note pic for R/W speed) have Adobe read only from there for sources. Scratch Render on the "G" drive, while leaving "C" drive to orchestrate it all (*** the drive cache is set now (se OP pic)?  Due to, (writing) on the same drive as my (reading) assets/sources are as a scratch drive is what you two are stating NOT TO DO?

                Or does it even matter that I use my "G" drive to hold my Sources for editing and use it for Scratch Render, due to (2ms swittch from read to write) and most of that is being done in the RAM? Or is it?


                I hope I was clear...

                Thanks for any help on understanding this



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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  There is no problem with running your applications from the same drive that your After Effects disk cache is on. Applications are read from the drive at program load time, but there is almost no disk activity for reading and writing applicaiton files after that. So, the disk cache will not conflict with the application exectuable files on the same disk.

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                    Netcommercial Level 1

                    Thank you Todd, I watched about 30 mminutes of those videos. It appears that as you stated.  What I did do, is to set my write drives for video and audio to the "S" drive. Not sure if that will make a difference on the render output...So I have my conformed media caches in C drive and use the G drive for scratch and sources. Then As stated write to S drive for output...Appreciate the help and the video links