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    IconComboBox - IconUtility

      I want to load icons in a combobox, so I used the IconComboBox I found on the web ( http://www.freehere.cn/blog/index.php/2007/08/15/comboboxwith122manyicons/). But the problem is that I need to load them dynamically, so no [Embed(source...].
      Then I found another class IconUtility from Ben Stucki. ( http://blog.benstucki.net/?p=42)
      But I can't figure out how to combine these two.

      I read out an xml with all the data:
      for each(var element:XML in list)
      var d:String = element.@kat+"_"+element.@taal;
      var l:String = " "+element.@nom;
      var icosrc = "images/flags/"+String(element.@nld).toLowerCase()+".png";
      var ico:Class = IconUtility.getClass(countryCombo,icosrc);
      countryArr[cntr] = {label:l, icon:"ico", data:d};
      countryCombo.dataProvider = countryArr;

      Flex keeps throwing an 1120 error - Access of undefined property IconUtility

      Can anyone help me?