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    Colors In Photoshop CS6 completely messed up


      My colors are completely off in photoshop from the real image.  I've already checked to make sure it's not the monitor, the color is fine there.  I've already read the forums that say to simply turn on "Proof Colors."  That does changes the colors how they should be.  HOWEVER, if I try and export the file out as a png or anything, they are exported with the messed up color rather than the "proof colors."  BUT if I open the image up in microsoft paint, it appears to be right, but only with paint.  If I open the image with anything else (reader, indesign, picaso, etc.), the color is always messed up.  I even tried exporting the png to someone else thinking it was just my computer, no luck.  For some reason, I can't export anything without it using crazy colors (just like if "proof colors" was unchecked).  I've tried deleting preferance and playing around with the color settings.  What can I do?


      here's my spects:


      Windows 8

      2013 Asus Laptop

      Photoshop CS6