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    InDesign CC scrolling slow




      I have a document with about 30 pages varing in size from 2'x4' to 15'x15'. Most of the pages are around 8'x4'. In inDesign CS 6 I could zoom around the pages as fast as my fingers could scroll (using the 2 finger jesture on a magic mouse or track pad). The new inDesign CC is painfully slow. It lags and crawls. It doesn't matter what "display performance setting" I have it on. It shouldn't matter anyway because CS 6 could go super fast with "high quality" selected. I have a MBPr running OS X 10.8.4. I've already made too many changes to go back to CS 6 which sucks because it was sooo much faster than CC. I'm starting to regret the upgrade. I trashed the preferences and restarted my machine. Is there something I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Best policy when moving older files to newer versions is to Export the CS6 document as an IDML file - and open that in InDesign CC.


          However, you've made changes to this document - which is a pity that you can't go back


          I would suggest using File>Save As>IDML from InDesign CC and then open that and see if it fixes the issue.

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            freegravity Level 1

            Thanks for the tip Eugene, but that didn't work. I still had the original doc in CS 6 so I saved it out as a IDML file and then opened it in CC and I still got that slow scrolling. Hopefully this is just a glych, as you say, between CS 6 and CC. If CC behaves as expected for new documents that would be great. When I get a chance I'll create a new document and see if the scrolling is fast. I'll report back.

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              freegravity Level 1

              I made a doc with nothing in it and had 30 normal size pages. The scrolling was fine. Once I'm finished with this project maybe I'll recreate the doc from scratch and see what happens. I just hope that CS 6 doesn't out preform CC with huge page sizes because CS 6 was awesome and had super fast performance.

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                I'm also using CC on a MBPr and I'm seeing the same thing. There's a very noticeable lag on everything. This definitely was not the case with CS6. I just got the MBPr and it's my first time using CC, so I was thinking maybe it could also be the computer. Any possibility it's being caused by the HiDPI rendering? I don't have another computer to test it out on. Photoshop CC runs like silk as far as I can tell though I haven't really gotten a chance to put it through its paces. Hopefully a fix is coming.

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                  Mark VerMurlen Adobe Employee

                  Retina support in InDesign CC means that it draws 4 times as many pixels as a lower resolution display and that is the reason for the slow down in scrolling speed.  If you run InDesign CS6, it will be faster, but you'll notice that the drawing is "pixelated" because the the OS is doubling all the pixels.  The OS can do that very fast, but of course the quality is poor.  Rendering all the drawing at high resolution gives you very crisp text and line art, but the downside is that its slower.  Its an inevitable trade off between quality and speed.


                  Mark VerMurlen

                  InDesign Engineering

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                    PhilipFischetti Level 1

                    That's kind of what I suspected, but even when just inputting text there is a noticeable lag between the keystroke and the character appearing on screen. Also, according to this thread, http://forums.adobe.com/message/5436073#5436073, the problem seems to be more widespread than just retina displays.

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                      freegravity Level 1

                      It seems strange that they didn't have an option to speed it up. After all they have a Display Performance option. The main reason for retina support is for text more than images in inDesign. We have grown accustomed to images looking pixilated as well as line art. Even on "Fast" Display Performance it goes slow. No other app has this issue. Seems like they rushed the retina support out. I hope that they resolve this because I really want to be able to use inDesign on a hi-res display. Right now it's just too slow.

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                        PhilipFischetti Level 1

                        I think it's not properly optimized for anything. People seem to be having trouble on all kinds of setups. Have you noticed while scrolling through a document the ruler actually scrolls faster than the layout and it catches up when you stop. Just another weird thing I noticed. Hope they get on a fix soon because the text looks absolutely amazing on the retina display.

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                          freegravity Level 1

                          I agree. I love the way text looks on the retina display. I was so excited for inDesign's retina support, now I'm hoping these issues can be worked out because now I'm just stuck on CS 6 after committing to the monthly payments. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

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                            I have found that setting the system display setting to "Scaled" has an effect on performance. I find that if set to "Best for Retina" the performance is ok. Its a pity because i find the indesign interace a little big, i would prefer more pasteboard.

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                              I just upgraded to CC. It is painfully slow on my retina. When i duplicate a page it takes 3-7 seconds to render all the textfields. Srolling isn't possible at all (like 5 Frames per second) and moving an object sometimes takes 1-2 seconds to be rendered in place.

                              Photoshop and Illustrator work like charm!! Even faster than CS5 or 6.


                              @ Marc VerMulen

                              You mentoined that it might be connected with the retina resolution. I have to disagree. The graphic card is capable of rendering a lot more pixels than the 4 times of the standard MBP.


                              I'm running a Macbook Retina, 2,7 GHz i7, 16 GB Ram, Mountain Lion (latest).

                              I'm experiencing these problems with converted CS6 files and newly created ones.

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                                lisa Salisbury Level 1

                                The speed is really not good when opening CS6 in CC. Better to finish CS6 projects in CS6. Tried creating new CC doc and that seemed to work fine (new doc only)

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                                  Intentionally Creative Level 1

                                  Upon installing Indesign CC I noticed some of the very same lags and sluggishness that others have reported. Needless to say I was quite disappointed. What I discovered though is that that my Wacom Intuos 5 does not work well with this version of Indesign. The touch response is decently snappy but when trying to use the pen the response is very slow. As a side note I do have the most recent drivers installed for the tablet and am running on a Windows 8 pro system, 12gb of memory, i7 processor, GeForce GT 640m graphics card. For now I have set the tablet aside while working in Indesign to make it at least somewhat useable.

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                                    Design Proof Level 1

                                    I don't have time for this!!!! 


                                    An inevitable trade off between quality and speed...  What?? Then give us a choice to turn it off! A job quoted as 20 hours will now surely take 40 - that's over $3000!


                                    I hope there is a definative answer soon, I have tried everything on this thread and nothing makes a difference. Besides the fact that you should not have to turn off features that you have been using in Indesign for years just to have the program usable.

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                                      Intentionally Creative Level 1

                                      I agree with Design Proof 100%. If it's an "inevitable trade off between quality and speed" then let's have the option to turn it off. If we can't have them both than I would have to belief most users would gladly trade the higher working resolution to have the speed back. There is definitely something wrong here and I really hope it's going to be resolved soon.

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                                        I suffer from the same things. On my new Retina MBP, ID CC is unusable for me, whereas ID CS6 works great. Even when I deactivate the retina resolution (in finder, go to application, file information), ID keeps on being sluggish.

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                                          E SNOW

                                          I just upgraded to CC from CS6 and there's exactly the same problems as those described above. I don't even have a retina display and it still lags when I run the app in Fast Display that kills the images and blurs the text. Obviously nothing to do with retina. Quite disappointing... I'm running 2012 iMac, 3.4ghz i7, 32gb ram and latest mountain lion.

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                                            Jon Snidal

                                            I have applied updates last night (Windows 8.1) and this morning (Mac OS X 10.8.4) that seem to have alleviated some of the problems.  No update of late for OS X 10.6.8, tho, so it still sucks.  I hope Adobe have got one in the works!

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                                              Hi there,

                                              I'm experiencing all the problems everyone here has, but I'm not on a retina screen. I have some big jobs going through, and it's not good.

                                              Is it worth reinstalling InDesign CS6 - saving down from CC to re-open in CS6.... or will this problem migrate with the revised files?

                                              Thank you for your help.


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                                                Design Proof Level 1

                                                The Indesign updates seem to help. I have also found that you need to copy and paste into new files for any existing CS6 files you may be using.  Still not perfect but much better.

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                                                  ginageewhiz Level 1

                                                  Currently spilting up a large brochure into separate indd docs for each section. So trying out the copy/paste idea. But watching each element being copied into new doc is painfully slow... taking 3 seconds each, per element to come up on screen. And CC indesign is up to date.


                                                  If reinstalling CS6 is the easy answer, and idml files don't bring this issue with them, I think I will be forced to go back to CS6.

                                                  Answer Adobe please.

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                                                    lisa Salisbury Level 1

                                                    If you can go back and use CS6 for this project I would. I recently started a project in CS6, updated to CC, then when that was horrible I brought it back into CS6. Saved me lots of time.

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                                                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                      Is your info panel open? If so, try closing it.

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                                                        ginageewhiz Level 1

                                                        Hi Bob, WOW, that is much better, thank you. Everyone.... close your info panel!!! Really helped

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                                                          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          Interesting. It must be specific to a particular platform or configuration. I have no slow-down with it open or closed. I'm glad someone figured that out for those who are suffering.

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                                                            Intentionally Creative Level 1

                                                            I have been working on a large project using CC and struggling along. Everything I tried to do was accompanied by a 4-5 sec (sometimes longer) delay. Even moving or resizing a text box took a long time to process. I have continued to scan the forums to see if I could pick up any tips that would help (Adobe's updates did seem to help a little). It seems to me that a large number of those experiencing performance issues with CC are using laptops - so am I. I'm working on laptop with Windows 8, an i7 processor, 12Gb of ram, and a 1Gb Nvidia graphics card with optimus (the GeForce 640m). Optimus controls when the Nvidia card is activated and when the system just relies on the integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics. I checked InDesign, sure enough it was set to use the integrated graphics, which was apparently fine for the 32 bit CS6 but was no longer sufficient for some of the upgrades packed into CC. I switched over to the Nvidia card and loaded the same large project up, the performance increase was noticable. I hope this helps some of the others out there that are struggling through this update as well. It seems to need a higher performance graphics card to function. I will even say this, after switching over to my graphics card CC is definitely faster than CS6 was on the same size project. Good luck everyone.

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                                                              TAHeyOne Level 1

                                                              Have used CS3 > CS4 > CS5 > CS6 and CC Indesign is the only one we have an issue with slow performance.

                                                              I hope this isn't the case and it has now become that heavily GPU dependent. If this is the case our creative department of hardly slow i7 27" imacs become useless.


                                                              I'm not playing the latest gaming extravaganza with millions of polygons on screen.

                                                              I'm moving images and type.

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                                                                I'm not playing the latest gaming extravaganza with millions of polygons on screen.

                                                                I'm moving images and type.

                                                                Nicelly said...

                                                                • 29. Re: InDesign CC scrolling slow
                                                                  Intentionally Creative Level 1

                                                                  Drz4007 wrote:


                                                                  I'm not playing the latest gaming extravaganza with millions of polygons on screen.

                                                                  I'm moving images and type.

                                                                  Nicelly said...

                                                                  I agree with you, but it is apparent that Adobe went after some visual enhancements in this update that is requiring a little more graphics performance than previous versions. I have noticed that the "normal" view mode in CC is rendering much better graphics than the same mode in CS6. The problem with this is that I never had an issue with the normal, working mode in previous versions. If I wanted to see it rendered at high res I just previewed it. I'll echo what others have already stated, if given a choice between performance and graphics while working I'll choose the performance everytime. It appears that choice is not ours to make though.

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                                                                    [Eduardo Moura]

                                                                    This problem is not specific to Apple hardware or even notebooks, as I'm on a Windows 7 x64 desktop PC (16GB RAM, Core i7, nVidia GTX 550 Ti) and I experience all the above mentioned symtoms.

                                                                    Also, as others have reported, InDesign CS6 was much faster with this same specs.

                                                                    It's really frustrating to have all this firepower available and still see InD taking up to 5-10 seconds to draw anything on screen, even with "fast display" performance mode turned on.

                                                                    I really hope Adobe adresses these issues as soon as possible, or it will be another nail on CC's coffin. It's bad enough that I've been paying the subscription since May and still no sign of their advertised Creative Cloud file sync with desktop or the offline TypeKit fonts. Both features are now annouced as "future update", but a few monts back they were among the top selling points.

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                                                                      Tom Theys

                                                                      The same here, CS6 is working fast and CC in really slow. I also work on Win7 64-bit with Core i7, 32GB RAM and Quadro 4000, so it's not OS related.

                                                                      What bugs me the most is text selection. Selecting text, adjusting font or typing text is just to slow for words. Come on, waiting for text to be typed or selected, that's just one thing that needs to be really fast on a DTP program. Also scrolling between pages, opening, moving photos is so slow. I'm glad I still have CS6 still installed. Please fix this issue asap Adobe

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                                                                        TAHeyOne Level 1

                                                                        Strange thing is even knocking the display resolution down to 1920x1080 and dropping the detail to fast shows no improvement at all. I'd expect if it was getting lag on 2560x1440 that reducing pixels and therefore the stress on the card id see some change.


                                                                        Also checking Activity Monitor the CPU% is never getting above 45% whereas with CS6 its pushing close to 80% when im moving around the pages.


                                                                        Guess something else is going on somewhere.

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                                                                          Jon Snidal Level 1

                                                                          Just returned to work after a three weeks off, checked for an update with eager anticipation ... nothing!  This is on my OS X 10.6.8 machine at work (home machines (WIndows 8 and OS X ML) each got an update in that time.  Looks like it's CS6 for my biggest project of the year -- Jon.

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                                                                            hami1car Level 1

                                                                            I'm also experiencing major sluggishness in InDesign CC. 12 Core Xeon MacPro with 32GB RAM, 1GB Radeon. Running 10.6.8.


                                                                            Exporting the same file to an IDML and opening in CS6 result in quick, smooth scrolling and interactivity. I guess it's back to CS6 until this is resolved.


                                                                            Yesterday I discovered that Photoshop can't open quicktime movies any longer (on SL). After Effects CC doesn't run on my system. Bridge was gutted, and just got it's output functionality back. I'm really at a loss now for why I had my organization purchase the CC update.






                                                                            After closing all my apps, rebooting and restarting InDesign CC, the sluggishness mostly went away. Not sure why it was performing so poorly while CS6 operated well under the same conditions, but there you go.

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                                                                              ginageewhiz Level 1

                                                                              Hi Jon, I found turning off info panel helped a lot, plus displaying pages without all the bleed etc (short key W) helped even more. However, I have recently upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and it's now working really well. Worth a go upgrading - it's made the mac run faster too.


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                                                                                TAHeyOne Level 1

                                                                                In my own experience updating the OS to Mountain Lion made no difference to the slow down problem. All i got was a mouse cursor that disappears randomly (lovely bug) but that seems to be an OS issue rather than CC.

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                                                                                  Jon Snidal Level 1

                                                                                  Thanks, Gina!  I never did experience the info panel slowdown, but working in preview mode certainly helps.  Alas, my work machine won't upgrade to Mountain Lion!  Time for new hardware, but that will have to wait -- Jon.

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                                                                                    ginageewhiz Level 1

                                                                                    Hi Jon, Very pleased to have helped, if only a lttle bit, but hopefully will get you through your projects quicker! Yep, save those pennies/cents for the all new Mac Pro when it eventually get released! It looks and sounds like it will be amazing. But guess it will be a small fortune.

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                                                                                      [Eduardo Moura] Level 1

                                                                                      Unfortunately the disappearing cursor bug is not OS specific. I'm on Windows 7 x64 and this annoying thing is driving me crazy as well. Whenever I type something, the cursor disappears completely and only comes back after I hold the Ctrl key and click somewhere else.

                                                                                      And this sluggish performance is not helping to ease my anger either... it takes almost a whole second just to the UI acknowledge a simple object selection.

                                                                                      I'll be going back to CS6 as soon as possible.

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