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    Obtain report-suite ID from the SiteCatalyst Framework dynamically

    Hemant Bellani



      I have setup the Adobe SiteCatalyst Framework in CloudService Configurations of AEM.


      The client's provided s_code.js expects an argument s_account and the value of s_account should be the report-suite-id to track the analytics data to.


      So I am trying to get the value of report-suide-id from the SiteCatalyst Framework associated with the page.

      Two approaches that strike me are:


      1. Use the client-context API somehow to extract the report-suite-Id from framework. This seems more like the way to go but unable to figure out exactly how?
      2. A crude approach could be to use the reference to the framework in page's content and extract the value of report-suite-id and assign the same value to s_account variable in client's s_code.js


      Any pointers towards the recommended  approach to achieve this would be handy.