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      Why grouping in inDesign work so ugly? I see on Illustrator CS6 and inDesign CS6 - why they are so different in this moment? In Illustrator it's so undertandable and usefull, in inDesign - waaaa - stone age... Beter write bug report, but it goes inside bugtacker site and not visible from outside. Users buy inDesign CS6 after Illustrator and appologize get the same work with groups, let's them know how it's not useful. Nobody saying in advertisements that "We like present to you 'new' product that work like stone age's car from Flintstones!" But you can find a lot about wet-wet linked content and Content Collector... Why Collector - bcause it's pain in the neck when one bad technology start work with other that work not right. I am little bit on Adobe about this.