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    How to reset a composition from external script?

    rizkysyazuli Level 1



      I'm making an HTML presentation slide and each slide contains an Edge Animate comps.

      The problem is when I switch back and forth into an already opened slide, it shows a quick flash of the comps complete state.


      Here's the working example (see the last three slides):



      Here's my code:


      theSlideCompleteCallbackFunction(slideID) {


          AdobeEdge.bootstrapCallback(function(slideID) {






      Pls advise on how to fully reset the previous/next comps animation when switching slides.



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, rizkysyazuli-


          You're going to want to reset the current slide when you're on your way out in order to prep it for playing on the way back in.  So, on your way out:





          Something to that effect.  Hopefully that gets you pointed in the right direction.





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