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    what's OtherPlayer memory


      in my finall build swf with flascc, that "OtherPlayer" memory is the largest memory usage item on scout tracing result. i had tracing some other swf found that otherplayer is 0. so what cause the OtherPlayer memory, and how can i improve this to take down it's memory usage?


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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          Other Player memory is the memory used by other player instances - i.e. if other Flash content is running at the same time as your content in the browser, it's the memory that all this other content is using. You should ignore it, since it isn't caused by your content (unless you use worker threads, whose memory would also be included in this category).


          If you are using worker threads, then you should go to Preferences->Beta Features, and you can turn on support for worker threads, in which case they will show up as separate sessions in Scout.


          You can read more about the memory categories, and what they mean, here:



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            shooden Level 1

            thank you so much! you give me a very helpful information! i use some threads in my app and every thread create a worker, i just modify my code to run every thing in single thread(by enterframe event). the other player memory usage was come down now. but there still has two workers in scout tracing result.  to run c++ code i use startASync not startBackground. is these two threads created by flash player internally? can i do some thing to disable all workers?

            btw, there is two frames in the swf, the first frame is a preloader, if i don't use a preloader can it helpful?

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              Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

              I'm not an expert on FlasCC, but as far as I'm aware, startAsync doesn't create any workers, unless you create threads in your C code. Flash Player doesn't create workers by itself; only if you tell it to. I would run Scout and take a look at the code that's executing in the workers, and use that to help you find the corresponding threads in your source code. If you're having trouble, you can go to the FlasCC forums here:




              As for the preloader, as far as memory is concerned, it shouldn't make much difference whether you use one or not. The overhead of multiple swfs should be negligible compared to the size of the content inside the swfs.