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    White box around text effects when printing


      I have added some black text to an InDesign document and added a white outer glow around the text to make it stand out better as it was on a blue background (Pantone 7461C). It looks absolutely fine on screen (both in the InDesign and PDF versions), however when I print, a slightly lighter blue box appears around the text (kind of like it has a translucent outline around it). I also noticed this happen with a PNG image that I inserted, which had a transparent background. I replaced this with an EPS, which corrected the problem. However, I cannot seem to solve the issue with the text!


      I also tried a couple of different text effects, as I wondered if the white glow was too harsh and was causing the problem. When I tried a black drop shadow and a yellow drop shadow too, I also had this problem. So it would appear this is happening on all text effects!


      I don’t think that it is a problem with the printer, as we recently had a company print some leaflets and this problem also occurred.

      How do I resolve this, as it’s becoming quite problematic? Any help would be greatly appreciated!