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    After Effects CC and OpenGL


      Hi Everyone,

      After upgrading to CC, I now have no RAM preview. When I want to preview, I hit the 0 key on the numbers keyboard, the green line builds along the comp, then it only plays on my external monitor. The Comp window just freezes on the frame the Time Indicator is sitting, and the bounding box,(action safe lines etc) flickers like crazy. I have a HP x820, with an Nvidia Maximus set-up, Quadro 6000 + Tesla C2075 with 64 gig ram. I thought it might be an nvidia driver problem, so I checked and downloaded the latest driver package (320).

      After I installed it, After Effects still wouldn't play. I thought it looked like a possible OpenGL problem, so checked the nvidia website, and the latest OpenGL driver for my card is version 4.1. But in the GPU Info box in the preferences, it tells me OPenGL driver version is 3.0.0. I contacted Nvidia support, who told me that the OpenGL driver should be automatically updated with the new driver package, and it must be a problem with the application. How can I get Open GL to use the latest driver? How can I get my RAM preview to work again? Can any adobe experts here help?