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    Export problems in After Effects CS6 (WMV8)


      Hello everyone,


      I recently discovered a strange problem with AE CS6:

      for a broadcasting system (used in public transportation) I have to export videos as WMV with the WMV8 codec and a Variable Bitrate (WMV9 is not supported by the system).

      All videos have a length of 10 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds. They mainly consist of animated JPGs/PNGs - text, vector shapes, masks etc. are sometimes also added directly in AE.


      When I export the AE sequence as a WMV, AE cuts of the last 2-5 seconds of the output file. So the exported video is not 10 seconds but only 6 or 8.

      I tried various settings for the WMV8 but nothing helped.


      For troubleshooting I also tried to export to WMV9 with VBR - and that worked just perfectly.

      So I guess it's a codec problem - but can it be that WMV8 and AE are not quite compatible?


      I already came up with a workaround, but this is not a real solution.

      Workaround is as follows: first I export my sequence as an uncompressed AVI, then I import the AVI into Premiere Pro CS6, and then I directly export it from there to an WMV8 with VBR. I also tried to export it directly from the MediaEncoder but that ended like the export from AE: 2-5 seconds were missing in the output video.


      I'm confused that it works in Premiere but neither in AE nor in MediaEncoder.


      The Workaround is tedious and it doesn't always function with an AVI file (sometimes I have to export MOV, MP4 or WMV9 to get a correct result - that's another strange thing) - it's really experimenting.


      I also tried it on different computers - it's always the same.


      Has any of you discovered issues like that? (I searched the internet but I couldn't find anything, so this is my last hope )


      Thank you in advance!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds like a framerate mismatch. Have you checked the WMV settings on that and your render and comp settings?



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            video_kay Level 1

            That's what I first thought, too - but I double checked on this and my composition framerate is the same as the output framerate.

            And no matter what file I export, everything is fine except for WMV8. That's just strange ...

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Could be that this is a bug in Windows Media itself. I vaguely recall a similar issue in CS5 or even CS4, where the WMV encoder would not allow anything other than 29.97 fps with WMV 8. Something to do with that "Audiences" stuff and the predefined profiles, I believe... If so, I don't think you can do anything about it otehr than continue to use your workaround, but perhaps try investigating this on a broader level. perhaps you may need to install a specific older version of the WM libraries on your system liek some alternate media players/ encoders use it. just be careful to not screw your CoDecs...



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                video_kay Level 1

                Thanks for your help - I'll follow your suggestion and try to research on that WMV codec stuff a bit further ... And yes, I'll be careful - there's nothing worse than screwed up codecs or a system screwed up by the wrong codecs. Already had the expereience when I was younger So thanks anyway, if I find a working solution for the problem I'll probably post it here!