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    Drop Down Menus

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      I am putting together a project in Director 8 which contains four drop down
      Here are the parameters...
      There are four layers of images placed over each other to make up one
      complete picture.
      Each layer contains 50 options to choose from.
      A drop down menu will be below each layer to allow the user to choose one of
      the 50 options.

      To save space on the timeline and not load all the images onto separate
      channels, I would like to make it so that as a choice is selected, the
      selected image will replace the existing image on its relative channel.

      How to I do all this?

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          Changeling the picture is the easy bit. Create a library that contains all of the pictures. Create another set that is the displayed layer set, the ones that will create one picture that appears on the stage, these will also be shown in the channel/score. My reading of your question means there will be just 4 of these. When you select to change a picture you take one from the library and place it in to the display set, use the command:
          member(a, b).picture = member(c, d).picture
          where a and c are the cast number and b and d are the cast tab order numbers. If all the cast are in the same place then b & d maybe 1
          The problem maybe with what will appear in the drop down menus? 50 is a huge number for a user to remember the differences, or is this part of the fun ;-) You might find you need a scrolling drop list rather that a menu in order to fit it on to the screen.