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    AE CC - saving projects takes much longer than in CS6


      I've noticed that After Effects CC takes much longer to save my current project than previously (about 2-3 minutes). I'm used to saving quite often so this is slowing down my workflow.


      The project was imported from AE CS6. I've tried starting a new project and importing the previous one manually (instead of a conversion). Same lag.


      All unused footage has been taken out and the footage has been consolidated.


      The AE CS6 project file and AE CC file are about 15mb so CC is not any bigger.


      There are about 50 files in Arri Raw 3K, the rest is in DPX and ProRes 1080p.


      I'm working from a Macbook Pro Retina 16GB Ram and all media and cache are on an external Lacie Big Disk thunderbolt Raid SSD.


      My impression is that AE CC is indexing all the files before saving so it's going through all the RAW sequenced files. This could slow down the saving process quite a lot.


      Is anyone experiencing the same lag time while saving projects?