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    FLVPlayback Will Not Play Local Content in IE8

    Chris Molland Level 1



      We have developed our own FLV movie player which uses the FLVPlayback component to play movie files. Our web page uses Javascript to pass the movie filename to the swf file as a parameter. The Flash movie player reads this parameter to play the appropriate movie:

      var paramObj:Object = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters;

      We have had no problems with this in IE6, IE9 and Safari.

      Yesterday Our client informed us that they are moving from IE6 to IE8. We installed IE8 on our test computer and opened the website which resides on our local network and the movies didn't appear at all. We then accessed the same website which we host on an external server and the movies play fine.


      It would appear that the problem must be with IE8 and its settings, but we can't see anything which looks out of place.


      Can anyone suggest what may be happening please?


      Thank you.





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          Anton Azarov Level 3

          Hi, Chris Molland.


          This is not Flash CC issue. Seems to be Flash AS Runtime issue. Please provide more info:


          1) what Flash Player version on IE8 do you use? Just right click and last string from context menu. Put it here. This can more effecinetly describe situation

          2) Are you tried to pass parameters and show they in simple string?


          Put textfield on the stage. Like call him 'testfield' and than use code:


          testfield.text =  paramObj.fileName as String;


          and be sure that paramObj have fileName so you can see does parameter passed successfull.