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    Export to XDCAM (CS6 Mac) - Freezing

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      Our station has been looking at APP CS6 (for Mac) as a potential new NLE for us (we currently use FCP7), and we use an XDCAM workflow for the entire process.


      A co-worker and I have been using a copy of CS6 we bought to try to see if the software is compatible with this workflow. We've looked around several places (including these forums) and we found some great information:

      - We found out how to ingest the .MXF files into APP with XDCAM Transfer - Great!

      - We watched a video that confirms we can push our edits to a Harris NEXIO server - Also Great!


      However, wading through all of the information, we still have one small problem: and that is taking an edit and writing it DIRECTLY back to the XD disc via APP or Media Encoder.

      All of our sequence settings and export settings are matched to our workflow, and I'm ensuring that no metadata (.XMP) is being pushed (as the XDCAM does not seem to like the .XMP format). Despite that, each time we try to transfer directly to the "Clip" folder of the disc, APP or AME start the export process, go maybe 1%, and then it locks up and doesnt go anywhere, and I need to Force Quit out of the application. EDIT: We have been testing with a Sony PDW-U2 drive, we do use U1 drives as well


      What's odd is I can take the same export of the .MXF, push it to the Desktop, and then drag and drop the .MXF into the Clip folder with Finder and it works no problem. It transfers, and doesn't interfere with any other existing files on the disc such as the raw. If this is the case, shouldn't the import direct to disc be the same?


      In theory using the desktop as a middle man may not even be a terrible way to go: but we're looking for the most streamlined solution possible. So hopefully we'll be able to see if this is an option. As a FCP editor, I am quite impressed with a lot of the background performance and speed that things like Media Encoder can provide.


      Has anyone ever had this problem before and found a way to fix it? Am I doing something wrong? I can't find any documentation either specifically dealing with CS6 for Mac and writing back to XDCAM directly. Maybe if someone sees something on that too, that would be a big help.


      Thanks for your time!


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          Any takers? Figured I'd give a message bump, before we try to get in touch with an Adobe rep.


          If nobody has a solution, has anyone else experienced the same issue? I'm curious as to if this is a widespread problem or just exclusive to us.


          Thanks again!

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            We are experiencing all of the above, but also an additional problem occurs after the .MFX file is copied to the Clip folder, and the resulting file when played back from the XDCAM disc fails to play back properly.  The video playback "stutters".  Not throughout the entire video, but often appears during scenes with movement.  We've tested and are able to recreate this problem from various test projects in Premiere Pro CS 6 on a Mac OS 10.8.4.


            We too would like to be able to export directly from Premiere Pro to XDCAM disc and of course have the video playback properly from the disc.


            Any solutions?



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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi awhurley11,

              How did you attempt to export the file. Did you use one of the XDCAM presets under Format > MXF OP1a?



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                Hello Kevin,


                I used a preset from the MXF OP1a list.  Specifically, I used the "XDCAMHD 50 NTSC 60i" preset.  I'll also used the "XDCAMHD 50 NTSC 60i" preset to create a custom preset that would "turn off" the metadata or set the "Metadata Export" to "None", because someone suggested that might help, but it does not seem to make any difference with my video playback "stutter" issue.


                Any other ideas to help resolve this issue?


                Thanks for your help.

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                  Hello everybody,


                  I meant to do an update sooner, forgot I had this thread opened until the recent posts appeared. I have a pretty detailed update for everyone.


                  I got on a call with Dennis Radeke from Adobe (who I believe manages broadcast solutions for the company) and we spoke about a few things about adobe (I was using CS6 and he was using CC, but it seemed to be irrelevant for this issue)


                  We spoke about the problem, and he came up with a potential reason why the issue exists, that now I find silly I didn think of this earlier.


                  The potental reason why a direct export from APP to XDCAM (even in the proper MXF OP1a format, and even with the XMP metadata disabled since the XDCAMS dont use those) is that APP is trying to render AND write directly to the destination at the same time. Since XDCAM disks are optical, it is limited by the write speed of that medium. What he thought is hapening (and what I agree with) is that the render and transfer speed is working FASTER than the drive's ability to bring it to the destination, causing APP to freak out and give up.


                  On FCP, this is circumvented because when you push to XDCAM directly from FCP, it uses XDCAM Transfer as an intermediary, where FCP will render the file out in a cache, and then transfer it after (which is why you see a new window pop-up).


                  Now the good news is Dennis responded to us and said that now Adobe is possibly going to try to address the issue in CC, and find a work-a-round for this. Aside from that I cant speak on behalf of Adobe aside from: some people are aware of it and may want to make it a working process.


                  THAT SAID,


                  I did find a "solution" thats a bit more autmated then transferring to desktop and then transfer to dsc, although it's essentially the same thing:

                  1.) make an "output" folder somewhere, where the sole purpose is to temporary hold the files.

                  2.) Push the MXF OP1a file (without .xmp metadata if possible - although even if it creates one it doesnt really matter) TO that output folder

                  3.) Make a script in Automator which automatically searches for .MXF files in that output folder, and moves it to the "Clip" folder on your XD drive.

                  For fun, I use automator combined with AppleScript to make a little "beep" when the transfer is complete.


                  It's not as streamlined as an in-line process in APP, but it is doing the same thing nonetheless. Obviously, you need to make sure all other boxes are checked, like having naming set to "free" on your utility if you want to have named files.


                  I would make a more detailed walkthrough but I dont have time at the moment, just wanted to give an update. Feel free to ask any questions