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    I'm tired off all that negative post out here.


      It's the first time I think Premiere Pro CC has grown mature.

      The minor things they improve (for someone) is major for a full time editor like me. Normally I use MC 6.5.


      - Exporting Pro Ress much quicker (use previews on export)

      - Audio mixing with hardware like Artist series

      - Sorting in Icon view (now you know what was your last take)

      - Use off AU plug ins like waves etc.

      - Patching in the timeline.



      Without these improvements I won't start a serious production on it now you can.


      If you have CS 5 or CS 6 upgrade to a single app its a bargain.

      Do you really need the last photoshop. AE CS6 is fine for me.


      Use an enjoy its the first version I like.



      Greetings Rob