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    Trying to add text but it says 'file not found'?


      I'm trying to add text to an image but it says 'could not use the type tool because the file could not be found'. I keep photoshop on my external hardrive because I don't like to clog up my laptop and haven't had this issue on other laptops (I've just got a new one). Plugged it in to another and it works fine.


      What could be the problem? I want to use this laptop for all my editing as it's much, much better than the one I was using previously. I'm using CS3. Tried contacting adobe directly but they just pointed me in the direction of the support website because I don't have CS6 - charming!


      I'm using Windows 8 and the file is a JPEG file, if it helps. Just updated windows so the operating system isn't out of date.