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    InDesign CC pallets push off bottom of screen.


      When I set my custom pallets and their location in InDesign CS6, the verticle length of the pallet group remained constant regardless of resizing the length of individual pallets within the group. For instance, if in CS6, I had the color, swatches, stroke, gradient, effects, and text character pallets arranged vertically with the entire pallet arrangement locked to the dock at the top and the total height adjusted so the bottom of the pallet arrangment is near the bottom of the screen, I could resize any of the pallets in the arrangement (the swatches pallet, for instance) and the remaining pallets in the arrangement would resize so as to maintain the total height of the arrangement. In InDesign CC, the same activity pushes the bottom of the pallet arrangement off the bottom of the screen when any of the pallets within the arrangement are resized larger (again, like the swatches). I do this to avoid excessive scrolling within the swatches pallet when I'm making color changes. What's annoying in InDesign CC, is that doing so, expands the bottom of the arrangement off the screen, which then hides acces to the other pallets toward the bottom of the arrangement. Is this a bug in InDesign CC, or am I missing something?