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    Edge Animate and ExCanvas.js?


      OK, I've used Edge Animate to make a killer landing page prototype for a really big e-commerce/retail company and everyone whose seen it has flipped out. That's the good part. The bad part is that none of this will work in IE 7/8. SInce the mouthbreathers that use these out-dated, POS browsers makes up about 1/3 of their customers, telling them to come back after they upgrade to a real browser isn't an option.


      I've tried using ExCanvas to no success to get what is essentially a timeline animation using 10 images to work. I'm missing something here, but have no idea what is is.


      Will Edge Animate output work with ExCanvas.js for use in IE7/8 or is this just a pipe dream?


      Please be advised: at current, I'm using EA 1.5 (CS) not 2.0 (CC).




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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hi Jeff,


          With IE <8 on the decline, we have no plans to add support for these browsers. It would take a huge amount of effort to polyfill for these and you would end up with an obnoxious payload - nobody wants that


          Have you tried Chrome frame? In the publish options, you can select Chrome Frame which will prompt older IE users to run a Chrome emulation. It only needs to be run once for it to work and could be the trick to getting your clients on board.