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    How to switch to Cinema4D Lite instead of Studio ?


      Hello everyone,

      I have a not-so-strange question :

      I have a fully licensed Cinema4D Studio installed on my machine as well as the new After Effects CC.

      When I create a new C4D file from After Effects, it opens automatically Cinema 4D Studio, which is great.
      But what if I want to use the Lite version instead ? Why ? Because I often work on client's hardware, and if they will have very soon the new After Effects CC, I'm quite sure it will take me some time to convince them to buy the 3000+ $ studio version.

      So if I want to prepare so work at home, I'd rather do it using the Cinema4D Lite version, because there's just too much differences between Lite and Studio for me to remember.


      I tried to open Cinema4D directly from windows, in the install path, at

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC\Support Files\Plug-ins\MAXON CINEWARE AE\(CINEWARE Support)\lite

      but with no success.


      I'm quite aware that if I uninstall Studio, I will gain access to Lite, but I just cannot afford to that do every time.

      There must be some way ?