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      Here’s the quick background story…. Just finished a 100 page product catalog and then Packaged it for archive purposes. For what ever reason, (probably insanity) I accidentally saved the archived .indd file over the original .indd file. So all the links in this archived version are directed to the “links” folder as it should be, but so is the original .indd file now.

      I’m looking to relink all the images to their original paths and when you get a group of images in one folder then it’s great, all of them link up (when you have “Search for missing links in this folder” checked. The issue comes when I have multiple sub-folders. I would love it if InDesign can search ALL subfolders for those missing files. For example, I know all or most of the products are in one main folder but there are many sub-folders with in this one. Broken down by Vendor name and product series. If it were able to see all the sub-folders it would most likely find that missing link. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this, with either a plug-in or script?

      Any help would be appreciated. Thx!