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    Attachment/Link woes in Presenter

      I'm having issues with attachments and links in Presenter. We are publishing locally and not necessarily using the LMS to distribute the courseware.

      I have read the online help file's disclaimer and the TechNote about attachments not working in locally-published presentations. Is there ANY way around this? The "workaround" they give in the technote/helpfile is not working for me (create a hyperlink within PPT that links to the file on a network drive.) I think I'm not fully understanding how "links" are supposed to work within a Presenter file. Any help would be appreciated.

      The two things I want to do are:
      1) Have hyperlinks to our company's intranet, actually work within Presenter slides. (These are http:// links within the PPT slides.) They work for me, but not for others. (Is it a Flash Player security setting??)
      2) Have users be able to launch a .PDF attachment from the Attachments (paperclip) button. I really don't care where it's stored -- with the Presenter file on the intranet? Somewhere on our network? Wherever it works.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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          Rob posted the answer a while back.... here it is:


          Originally posted by: robva65
          Hey folks, I just wanted to report some findings after looking at a couple of decks from other folks. I apologize in advance for the long reply here, but there are points that I believe warrant explaining.

          First, a couple of items to get out of the way:
          1. Using Presenter 6.0 build 432, using MS PowerPoint 2007 and I published locally.
          2. Set up links to pdfs, html pages and MS Word 2007, with the word file saved as a Word 2003 with ".doc" extension.

          The hyperlink method within PowerPoint needs to be massaged just a bit in order for the pathing to be rectified when the deck is published. As far as I can tell, what I recently discovered is that Presenter 6.0 likes to have ALL associated files living within the resources folder within the data directory of published presentations. After several rounds of tests, here's the process I used to acheive the results and what I found:

          I set up a project file and associated directories as mentioned in my earlier post above. Bottom line: I have a project folder that contains my ppt deck. Within that project folder, I have another folder called "localPublish". Lastly, inside the localPublish directory I created one last folder called "extAssets". The extAssets folder contains all my external assests (pdfs, docs, html, etc). And for the sake of being clear, I'm hoping that its obvious to everyone that the localPublish folder will utlimately contain the published presentation. Think of it this way: the extAssets directory is nested in the same location of the published deck; this way, if you have to republish your ppt file, the contents within the extAssets folder will NEVER be messed with!

          That said, to resolve the error in pointing to a bogus url, I simply redirected a hyperlink in powerpoint:

          Once I republished the file and tested the playback, the word document loaded and displayed properly (after waiting for Word to launch of course!). Bottom line, it's working, and fortunately all it took was a redirection of the link pointing to the asset I want to display. Also, I tried publishing 2 ways: to my project folder as well as the default My Adobe Presentations folder.

          In both cases, each presentation had resolved links to external files.

          Again, I think that Presenter 6.0 is looking for assets originating in the resources directory by default; by using the "../../" syntax, we're telling Presenter to look 2 directories up and out of the Resources folder. This redirection forces the browser to hunt down the file outside of the Data folder and should display the file(s) successfully.

          Because I absolutely hate testing in an isolated manner (no to mention sounding like a complete idiot if this doesn't work for others!), what I'd like folks to do if possible: retype the hyperlink as indicated above. Please test this yourselves and report your findings here.

          Again, I hope that helps!

          Check out my forum for Breeze/Presenter at:


          Hope that helps. Check out his website, there's some useful info there.
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            Thank you so much for your reply!!