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    AIF & WAV slow Waveform Display

    m-sanchez Level 1

      In Premiere CC:


      If I use WAV or AIF Files (44.1 or 48) my waveform display is so slow and only appears after playing the music track

      and only step by step.


      importing a compressed file and waveform is immediatly there.


      What can I do?


      EDIT: Same Problem with recorded Voice Over Tracks...

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I saw something similar on my system with a video clip.  The thumbnail was slowly revealed as the CTI played over the clip.  I suspect PP was focusing resources on playback and leaving the 'display' as a secondary concern.  Once I stopped playback the other thumbnails drew instantly.

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            m-sanchez Level 1

            The strange thing is: Premiere is doing nothing until I play above the clips....

            When I stop playback the waveform also not appear...


            I can handle this with music - so I don't use AIF oder WAV anymore instead of Apple Lossless for example...

            (what a strange thing, uncompressed no - compressed yes???)


            but not seeing my Voice Over Tracks until I click over and over the timeline to get waveform display is a litte bit inconvenient.