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    FB2 stops compiling to SWF

      I just installed my FB2 plugin in Eclipse and everything works fine when I being a new sample project. It will compile the application down the a SWF in the bin directory for a little while. Then it seems as soon as it loads in these "core" directories it will no longer compile any changes I make to my mxml files.

      What's odd is that when I create the new basic project that the "core" directories do not exist. Then at some point the project includes these directories. And it puts one in the "bin" directory as well as another right off the root.

      Every new project works fine for a while, then stops.

      Is there a setting I am missing? Does anyone have some pointers as to what is going on?

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          JavaMatty Level 1
          Fixed my own issue, which normally happens when I ask for help =)

          The Actionscript editor that Eclipse defaults to wasn't showing errors properly. So the application wouldn't compile to swf because of these errors that weren't being flagged. I found this by moving the AS code to the Script tag withing my main app and then could work through them.