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    Directions for adding tags to form fields

    PixelTwisted Level 1

      I'm looking for directions to adding tags to form fields using the tags panel and not the Touch Up Reading Order tool.


      Also, what gives with the "Add Tags to Form Fields" not working? It grays back as though it worked but when I test the PDF I get errors - Tagged form fields - Failed.

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          a C student Level 3

          In the Tags panel you can click on the “Tags” root (if that is the right term), then use “Find…” on the Options menu. Select “Unmarked Annotations”. When prompted for the tag type, select “Form”. Then “Find Next” and repeat as needed. The Form tags will be at the bottom of the structure tree, you will need to drag and drop each one to its proper place in the structure tree.


          I have no explanation for why the “Add Form Fields to Tags” feature is broken. Reading through old posts, it seems to have last worked in version 8. However, it reportedly generated so many errors that manual tagging was quicker than making all the corrections.

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            erics17815277 Level 1

            FWIW, behavior is still the same in Acrobat Pro DC (version 2018-011-20038): Autotag form fields has no effect other than to gray out the option, which is available again if you close & re-open the file. Manually identifying form fields in TURO is ineffective.

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              erics17815277 Level 1

              It has worked for me for some documents. I can't see any inverse-correlation between documents where it works & those where it doesn't. I pretty much only work with forms created in Word, and it fails to work in some, and works in others. No correlation between whether it works & whether the fields were manually created or auto-recognized. It just basically doesn't work.

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