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    XDCAM HD footage looks corrupted

    MJ626 Level 1

      We are just switching to Premiere Pro from Final Cut Pro 7.  We have thousands of clips that we still use that we imported from XDCAM disk using Sony's Log and Transfer program.  The program rewrapped the .mxf files to Quicktime, but the codec is still XDCAM HD.  Now, about half of them play like they're corrupted in Premiere Pro.  They break up at the head of the clip and usually break up again about halfway through.  I understand that we probably need to switch to working natively with .mxf files in the future, but does anyone know why these clips don't play and what I can do to make it work?  It's not practical for us to go back and reingest thousands of clips from the last 8 years.  I see the problem in the media browser and after I import the clips into my project.  Sometimes, I also get the "media pending" warning and then a green screen.


      I'm working on a 2012 Mac Pro running Lion 10.7.5 with the new Premiere Pro CC.