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    Video Quality Issues.




      I am new to video editing & recently purchased adobe premier elements to edit some firework display footage.


      I shot the footage with a Canon 6D 1920x1080 25fps. PAL.


      When getting home from the display I loaded the footage straight from the memory card and played it using windows media player. The quality was superb, and very sharp.


      Today I have tried to edit the video, adding a title etc.


      I havent done any editing on the footage itself, however there is a noticable change in quality when playing compared to the windows media player. I have tried rendering with no improvment.


      The quality is still good, it has just lost some sharpness when compared to playing with windows media player.


      I have checked all the settings on the software. All seem to be set correct, to the highest quality.


      My project settings are PAL   DSLR-1080p-DSLR 1080p25


      I have tried a few other settings but still can't get the sharpness I can when just playing the original file with windows media player.


      Does anybody have any ideas?


      Any help would be much appreicated.




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Have you gotten to exporting your Timeline yet?


          From what I have read and what you have written, your project preset looks OK for your source media and you are working with the rendered Timeline in order to get the best possible preview of the Timeline content when viewed in the Edit Mode Monitorl.


          1. Have you compared the preview with the Playback Quality settings of Automatic and Highest? If not, right click the monitor, select Playback Settings, and then one of the choices.


          2. If you have not already, export your Timeline content (assuming Premiere Elements 11 Windows),




          with Presets = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p25

          See what that looks like when played back on your computer player.


          You can also customized export settings under the Advanced Button/Video and Audio Tabs of the preset. You might want to increase the Bitrate settings to determine if the higher Bitrate will enhance the viewing (without making the file size prohibitive).


          We will be watching for your results.





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            PhilJones20004 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply..


            I don't think the problem is with exporting the media. When I view the content using the preview with the playback setting to highest it's still not as sharp as viewing the same source with windows media player.


            Guess I will just have to live with it, have tried lots of different project presets and settings but can't get the quality to match.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              But, have you looked at the quality of the export suggested yet for this rendered Timeline quality that you feel could be better and made comparison?


              Often, the export is the ultimate answer in video audio quality matters, not the previews, even rendered.


              Looking forward to your progress.





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                PhilJones20004 Level 1

                Have exported using your recommeded settings, still not as sharp. I have also tried increasing the bit rate and still no better.


                To explain a little more about the sharpness, when the source file is played using media player the night sky is black and the fireworks are vivid.


                When the same file is loaded into adobe the night sky becomes slightly blurred by the colour streaks of the fireworks, and the overall quality is not as good.


                Not sure if there is anything else i can try?





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Until now I have assumed that you are using Premiere Elements 11 Windows. Have I been correct in that assumption?


                  And, you do confirm that your source media represent progressive and not interlaced footage?


                  Does the whole video suffer from these problems or is it just the fireworks section? Does any section of the video footage ever display as you would want with regard to sharpness?


                  Have applications of Effects (Sharpen, etc) and or Field Options been of any help.


                  If you use footage from other than the Canon 6D, do you encounter the issue that you are now describing?


                  And, please confirm that at this stage the Timeline rendered preview is reflecting what you are seeing in the export.