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    Trouble accessing photos.


      Hello! Need help! Having trouble accessing photos from Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0, I had a free trial but never registered the program because I was not using it. The other day I was taking pics off a Canon camera, & they automatically loaded into that site. I selected cancel several times, but the program did not respond. Once they completely loaded in, the program asked if I wanted to erase photos from the camera, I selected no but it started erasing them, I was able to stop it but 44 were erased off the camera. I can see the photos in the program but can not access them since I never registered. I tried to register now but received email saying that program has expired. So how do I get my photos? Please help! The photos are not mine, I was loading them from a friends camera, & they are important vacation memories to her! Thanks! Ruth