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    Time Reversed Layers Have Blank Frames in CC

    Zogeta Level 1

      Hey guys.  So in my project file I have a lot of looping footage, which I achieved by using time reversed layers.  I started the project file in a trial version of CS5.5 last week, but upgraded to Creative Cloud yesterday.  Since moving to CC I noticed that all my time reversed layers have missing frames at the beginning of the layer, causing a blinking effect on my footage.  In the final comps those layers will flicker out, showing the images and backgrounds beneath them both within AE and in the final comps when I render them to an .mov.  I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this bug and knows of a way to fix it.  I've nudged my layers around a bit, but regardless of when the layer starts or from which point it begins sampling my footage, the first frame of the time reversed layers are blank.


      Here's some information that might be helpful:

      The compositions are 1280x720, square pixel aspect ratio. Starting timecode of 0:00:00:00 on all comps. The footage type is h.264 with a framerate of 23.976, the same framerate as the comps. My footage interpretation is premultiplied for Alpha, set to use the framerate from file, starting timecode of 0:00:00:00, and with seperate fields off and remove pulldown off.

      The specific version of After Effects CC is My computer information is Mac OSX version 10.8.3. 3.,4 GHz Intel Core i7. 16 GB RAM, 1600 MHz DDR3.


      Thanks in adcvance guys.  I could really use some insight in answering my question.