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    Apple Push Notifications (APN) cert question


      Hey all,


      Anyone using APN on their AIR for iOS apps? I hopefully have a basic question.


      If I enable APN on an app, do I need to regenerate my main iOS Distribution cert (the .p12 you sign your app with)?


      I'm hoping not and I really see no reason why that would be the case. However my app simply refuses to use APN.


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      Just to be clear my process was this:


      - Enable production APN on an existing (2 year old) app ID (non-wildcard)

      - Generate a production APN .cer

      - Deleted old mobileprovision

      - Recreated a brand new mobileprovision, pointing to the Distribution cert and the correct app ID

      - Generated .p12 from production APN .cer and provided to pushwoosh (who I use for pushes), success

      - Submitted app to store (peeked in payload embedded.mobileprovision, aps-environment set to production)


      App accepted in the store. I load it up on the iPad, it doesn't ask for permission to use notifications. No devices ever are registering themselves. Push doesn't work overall.


      I deleted everything except the iOS Distribution cert and app Id (of course), revoking everything I could. I then remade it all again, but this time as ad-hoc just to test. Push still doesn't work.


      Now, I developed the app and test on a completely different Apple developer account (my own). I did all these same exact steps. Push works perfectly fine in ad-hoc. I'm really totally confused why it works perfectly for me but when I try to sign with this other companies certs it fails, and they have OTHER apps with APN that work. The last remaining link is if I really need to regen the main iOS Distribution cert, and if I do, all the team developers will need a new .p12. That would be insane just to enable APN.


      Any other ideas?


      [/EXTRA INFO]


      Thanks for any tips!