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    Moving Pages and Text Threads

    Terry Cline



      I used a technique I found on this forum (author Peter) for inserting pages from another InDesign file. Great, it was so much better than trying to copy and paste. However, by doing this, or because of this I am not sure, the pages in my original document don't "recognize" the additional new pages (from the source doc) in terms of the text thread.


      Example: My original doc was 20 pages. All pages were properly threaded. I "inserted" (by using the "Move Pages" option in the Book) three (3) pages from another InDesign file at page 10 of the original file. Essentially, I added pages 11,12 and 13, pushing the original text to start up again on page 14. However, when viewing the Threads visually, the thread still goes from page 10 to page 14, bypassing the three new pages. I wasn't expecting this - I want these pages to be in the Thread.


      This will be a problem if I need to add more text to any section before page 10. My expectation would be that all pages, including the newly added pages, would react to the additional text, and flow appropriately. If I am correct - and this is the problem - any additional text I might add would push page 10, and then page 14 and beyond, bypassing 11, 12 and 13 pages, as they are not threaded.


      So, is there anyway to get these new pages into the proper flow, and be threaded?