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    Insert multiple simulations into one project




      I'm trying to insert multiple software training simulations into a single Captivate presentation.


      If I insert them as .swf animations, they work fine, but the main presentation does not pause until the user has completed the simulation.  If the time of the slide the simulation is on runs out, it goes to the next. 


      How can I prevent this?




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          Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Welcome to Adobe Community.


          Which version of Captivate you are using?


          How exactly you are inserting the simulation?


          Have you tested this on a blank new project? You can try to increase the duration of the slides.


          Also if you have multiple simulation's .cptx, just copy the slides for the simulations and then paste them onto this new project.



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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Why not just copy/paste the slides to the main project? Best quality will be when they have the same resolution.



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              random_entropy Level 1

              Thanks for the responses.


              I'm using captivate 6 and I'm inserting the published simulation .swf's as animations. 


              I don't want to paste the simulation slides into the main presentation because I will be needing to use these simulations in multiple projects and it would be poor development practice to have multiple instances of the same source.  Much safer to keep it encapsulated with a single source version. 


              The two problems were pausing the main slide until the simulation is done, and unpausing the simulation when it is done.  I'm using this javascript to unpause the main project:


              function nextSlide(){

                  var objCP = document.Captivate;

                  objCP.cpEISetValue('rdcmndNextSlide', 1);






              After several hours of banging my head against the wall, I finally figured out that javascript doesn't run in the web browser preview, it has to be on a server.


              In any case, that part is working.


              The solution I figured out for getting it to pause is far less elegant and certainly isn't the "right" way to do things - I'm just inserting one of the default widgets, and hiding it behind the player for the simulation.  It's ugly, but at least it works.


              I'd still love to know the right way to do this though.  There has to be a way to call whatever function the widgets call.  I just don't seem to be able to locate a good source of documentation.

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                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I told you about pasting, because I did read about a lot of problems if you insert a CP-published SWF into another Captivate file. But it is up to you.



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                  ElaKat Level 3

                  For getting the main project to pause: you can insert a click box that does nothing on success, which will get rid of the need for a widget.


                  Alternatively, you can pause the main slide upon entering using an Advanced Action with "cpCmndPause = 1"


                  You might also be able to control cpCmndPause from within the first slide of the simulation swf file using JavaScript (I'm assuming that's where you have your other JavaScript at the moment, and that it ends up affecting the main project, not the simulation swf.)