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    Premiere & Prelude not recognizing C300 file structure


      I'm working with some new footage in Premiere CC shot on a C300. I have the footage broken down into a folder for each card we shot. Inside each folder is an entire clean copy of the card. If I dig all the way down to each .mxf I can see them and play back (with some issues), but I'm unable to get Premiere to recognize it as a card of footage at any level. However footage shot on our X105 (in the same format as the c300, 30p at 50mb) does show up and, as far as I can tell, they're both the same structure. Any reason why this is happening? I know I can use the Canon XF utility to pull out all the .mxf files and make a clean copy as a workaround, but CC is supposed to support the C300 file structure, isn't it?