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    Re: Photoshop CC - adjustment layer curves issue

    elderlad Level 1

      First post here in the discussion,


      Just upgraded CS6 to CC and really enjoy alot of the changes but there seems to be a bug with the adjustment layer curves (not regular curves).


      If I make a change to the curve using modification point and then toggle "undo", the preview of the image will toggle on and off with the change but the modification point does not reset. This point stays in the original position even if the curves are not in effect and will only reset when another layer is selected before returning back to these curves.


      One must also manually reset the point if you wanted to revert back to the original (instead of undo) because if you place another modification point on the curve it will revert back to the change you made earlier.


      Am I missing something or is this a bug?



      - Elder